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Modern with fashion models and rare animals as motifs, but somewhere

Developing the "Modern Teak Doll" series with an antique atmosphere.

* Modern x antique coined word

We aim to create elegant adult creative dolls that are modern and stylish, but have an antique atmosphere.

We are developing a stylish and antique creative doll "MODELS" series with a fashion model as a motif.

We are developing the "ANMALS" series of animal dolls with an elegant adult sense, with the motif of rare animals from all over the world.

Along with creating dolls, we are particular about how to display them in multiple ways, such as photographs and illustrations.

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Born in Osaka in 1951. Lives in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture

1973 Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School

Joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1973

He is engaged in product design work for household white goods

2011 (current) Panasonic Corporation retired

In 2011 he started working as an artist under the pseudonym of Mr. COOL.

In 2014 he started making creative dolls.

Held "Solo Exhibition" (Osaka) every year from 2012.

From 2015, exhibited at the "People and Shapes" Hitogata Exhibition (Tokyo) every year.

Received the 2015 Art Stream "YTV Award (Yomiuri TV)".

From 2016, 5 dolls are permanently exhibited on the Yomiuri TV program "Kugizuki".

2016/2017 Received the Craft Art Creative Doll Exhibition "Shiroshiroan Ishibashi Keigo Award" for the second consecutive year.

2019 UNKNOWN ASIA 2019 "Reviewer Special Award" "Judge Koji Kobayashi Award".

2020 Design DTP magazine "+ DESIGNING Vol.49" 6 pages of writer introduction.