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I am making ceramics at the foot of Atago in Ibaraki prefecture.

Every day, I try to create stories and works that feel like a storybook.

In recent years, while collecting and focusing on folk tales and legends of Ibaraki Prefecture, and making it into a work, we hand it down to life activities, while making dolls on the theme of creatures and youkai such as foxes, dragons and kappa. Is also working.

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Born in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College, Department of Design, Department of Crafts, Woodworking Course
1991 Studied under Ayako Tsutsumi
1994 Studied under Takashi Kuroda, Akio Toyama, and Harumi Yazaki.
1996 Become independent at Ohashi, Kasama City
2003 Built own kiln at Izumi, Kasama city
2008 Relocated to Kamigo, Kasama City. Around this time, I started making theme works centered on Ibaraki folk tales. Mainly active in solo and group exhibitions.