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Since I started living with cats 11 years ago, I started making goods such as cat collars.

and I started painting 4 years ago.

I mainly draw pictures with stories in which anthropomorphic cats appear.

My point of view is my strong commitment.

I often draw pictures of tortoiseshell cats to convey the charm of tortoiseshell cats.

I hope my painting makes you smile.

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After working as a kindergarten teacher and a welfare facility instructor, I beame a painter.

In 2013 started making and selling small items with cat motifs.

In 2017 I started drawing pictures of cats.

In2021 received the “SeasideHotel Kujyukuri” Award at the cat exhibition held at the Matsuyama Garden Museum.

In2021 published in a book “feline fantasy”.

IN2022 selected for the 1st Gates Art Competition Cat Category.