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Ginkusha (Radio star)

We cut out the moon, celestial bodies, and scientific objects and collaged them into a blue world to create nostalgic stationery, fashion accessories, and projector penlights that project the moon. In addition, since 2017, she has lived with a brilliant domestic cat, a squid-eared black cat with a hook tail, 
and the cat become modele,developed a light-sharp, slightly cool black cat miscellaneous goods series “Gin Haksha”.

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Lives in Tokyo

Illustration graduate.

Held solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Tokyo, and participated in many events, sundries planning exhibitions, etc.

Since 1999, he has been active mainly in illustrations mainly for inorganic boys and has held solo exhibitions, etc., and since 2008 has hosted the group exhibition "Shonen Exhibition".

The blue celestial sundries that were produced from that time became popular, and after working at a toymaker and a stationery maker, he is now working as a freelance.

Shimizu Mari doll collection "Miracle ~ miracle ~" and others, cellist "Left-handed Gauche" CD, flyer design cooperation.