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Yoshihiko KINJO

I make pottery in Yomitan Village, Okinawa, four times a year using a kiln (NOBORIGAMA).
The work inherits the skills of my grandfather (Jiro) and my father (Toshio), mainly incorporate fish crest patterns into the patterns and make pottery.

Kinjo Pottery Kiln Owner, Director of Tsuboya Pottery Business Cooperative
1967 Born in Tsuboya, Naha City as the eldest son of Toshio Kaneshiro
1990 Learned grilled food under my father
1998 Selected for the 20th Contemporary Okinawa Ceramics Exhibition
1999 Started Kinjo Pottery Factory
2001 Selected for the 23rd Contemporary Okinawa Ceramics Exhibition
2002 Four-person exhibition held at Galeries Lafayette, Ginowan City
Exhibited and sold at Kobe Daimaru
2003 Exhibited and sold at Kobe Daimaru
2004 Held the Kaneshiro Kiln III Exhibition at "Kokumin Gei Takumi" in Ginza
2005 Exhibited at Ryukyu Shimposha New Office Building Completion Memorial Kinjo Jiro Kiln Exhibition
2006 58th Oki Exhibition Encouragement Award
Selected for the 28th Contemporary Okinawa Ceramics Exhibition
2008 Selected for the 60th Oki Exhibition

Selected for the 31st Okinawa Prefectural Craft Open Call Exhibition

Selected for the 61st Oki Exhibition

Held the Kaneshiro kiln third generation exhibition at "Kokumin Gei Takumi" in Ginza
2010 Yoshihiko Kaneshiro Ceramics Exhibition at "Gallery Rex" in Aichi
2013 Kaneshiro Kiln III Exhibition held at "Kokumin Gei Takumi" in Ginza
2014 Cabinet Office Okinawa General Secretary General Award
2016 Okinawa Prefecture Craftsman Certification

Yoshihiko Kaneshiro and Hiromi Exhibition at Mie M's Gallery

Tokyo Kigurashi & Maison de Cat Craft Exhibition [Life on this planet]

Tsuboya ware 10-person exhibition held at Naha City Traditional Crafts Museum


Tsuboya ware exhibition held at Tsuboya ware museum, Naha Municipal Traditional Crafts Museum

Tsuboya ware 10-person exhibition held at Ginza Takumi

* Jiro Kinjo (December 3rd, 1912 (Taisho 1st year) -December 24th, 2004 (Heisei 16)) is a potter born in Naha City. Skill holder of the national important intangible cultural property "Ryukyu Pottery" (the first living national treasure in Okinawa Prefecture). grandfather