Cats and Youkai-Picture Book Exhibition in a Different World

12:00 - 17:00 Sentence, Shii Kato, picture, Ito Aono, picture, Chubei Wagyu
A pre-work exhibition of each picture book in collaboration with two picture book writers.*The date and time may change depending on the situation. Please check the homepage and Instagram.

Shii Kato

Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1975. Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Literature II. Picture book workshop From Atosaki Juku. Youkai picture book writer. "Torikae-chan" (picture: Hideyasu Moto / Bunkeido), "Guru Guru Gurupon" (picture: Tsuga Takeuchi / Bunkeido), "Kutsukero" (picture: Hideyasu Moto / Gakken Plus), "Sekai Ichitaka Sliding Dai" (Picture / Katsumi Yamazaki / Dainippon Tosho) "Nakaori" (written by Capirina, Shii Kato + Tatsuo Furusawa / Asahi Student Newspaper). The documentary film "Message from Kato-kun" (directed by Watage), in which he appeared, won the Image Forum Festival Audience Award, was released in theaters all over Japan, and was released as a DVD. My dream is to become a youkai.

Aono Ito

I like picture books and draw the world of fantasy. Since 2020, he has exhibited his works in solo and group exhibitions. In this exhibition, typical scenes of picture books are drawn with the materials and techniques of fountain pen ink painting, watercolor painting, ink painting, Japanese painting, and copperplate engraving.