Artworks Detail


Canned Animals

It's a small work in which the container also becomes a display stand.

FBI (French bulldog...)

Snack Tsupai (an ideal bartender who does not become drunk) SOLD OUT

Yamaya (Snow leopard may be a true mountaineer, which cold mountainous area is his field) SOLD OUT

Size: H. 4-5cm (not including the can)
Media: Oil on wood (Gold foil on Maria of Komodo)

Price: Each ¥(tax included)

Shipping: COD. The artwork will be shipped by the artist directly.

  • Works will be shipped within 7 business days after payment
  • Exhibited works will be shipped within 7 buisness days after the end of the exhibition.
  • *Depending on the size and content of the work, it may take some more time.

(about payment, shipping, and refund is notified here -in Japanese only)

Please inquire from the Contact Form for order.