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Ita-e: Oni youzu/Oni sumou / Bishamonten / Godoku / Namazue / Karsutengu

■Oni youzu
Oni youzu is a large kite made from Mishima Island, Yamaguchi Prefecture. When the eldest son is born in the house, relatives bring an umbrella paper and make it in the hope that the child will grow up big and healthy. Tears are flowing under the eyes of the demon, and it is hoped that it will have not only strength but also kindness.

■Oni sumou
It is said that when an Oni steps sumo -shiko, he dispels the evil spirits of the ground. They are doing sumo wrestling well, so it's likely to get rid of all my evil spirits.

Bishamonten, one of the four heavenly kings, is also known as the god of disease-free breathing that exterminates plague

The poisonous insects of scorpions, toads, lizards, snakes, and centipedes and the Toranomon that tramples them are patterns that wish to protect children from illness.

It is a figure of Takemikazuchi god, Shinba, and a small beasts holding down the Namazu that violently rampages underground and causes an earthquake.

This is a picture of a mischievous Karasu Tengu playing with a wind.


Size: W100mm / D100mm

Material: Batik dyed on wood

Price: Each ¥(tax included)

Shipping: COD. The artwork will be shipped by the artist directly.

  • Works will be shipped within 7 business days after payment
  • Exhibited works will be shipped within 7 buisness days after the end of the exhibition.
  • *Depending on the size and content of the work, it may take some more time.

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