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The website of Maison de neko has been updated. We will start selling on the web not only for the influence of corona but also for distant people. We are looking forward to seeing more sales at the same time as the exhibition and more permanent exhibitions.

As a measure against corona, we will thoroughly oblige you to disinfect and wear a mask. Our gallery has openable windows on the left and right for ventilation and we have installed an air purifier so that you can watch while maintaining a distance.

In addition, the schedule may be changed in the future depending on the infection status. The latest information will be announced on SNS (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), including this website.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

A special exhibition centered on cats with a world view and expression like Konoki Mikuo Detail
The main motifs are people, snow, and forests. Using a mixed technique of oil painting and tempera, he expresses a poetic imaginary world. This time, about 15 works including small works such as still life paintings will be exhibited. Detail
The latest exhibition of Ryuzabu, where the nostalgic scenery of the Showa era and the cats who live strongly there are spun into three-dimensional modeling. Detail