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There will be an exhibition at the Matsuzaka Ueno store in 2024 as well. We will update the information from time to time, so we would appreciate it if you could visit us in Ueno.

The Maison de Neko website provides information about upcoming exhibitions.

You can also purchase works by registered artists at the Artisti shop.

We look forward to welcoming you to our gallery and website.

Open the window in the dark. Rather than being afraid of things that cannot be seen, I admire the existence that exists there, and eventually a shape emerges. Tomoko Koga's world floats in a fantasy, expanding infinitely. Detail
Yagyu, who has never stopped loving yokai, calls himself a yokai artist. On Shodoshima, an island where humans and monsters coexist, Yagyu has spent his childhood with his monsters. This is an exhibition depicting monsters that are scary, f Detail
I create dolls that are modern and stylish, but with an antique feel.  Detail