About the gallery

Maison de neko gallery is located in Kyobashi, a town near Tokyo Station, where it is dotted with many antique dealers and art galleries. The gallery is located in the back alley, which of less than 2 meters wide, is like a cat hideaway. The gallery is nestled on the second floor of a wooden house with a Showa retro scent.
The theme is "living things" and the concept is "dissemination." The freedom that Maison de neko seeks is to be able to fuse with people of various genres and to be borderless.

We aim to disseminate art so that you will be able to feel it closer both from the gallery's exhibition floor and on our website.


At Maison de neko, we can rent a space according to your wishes.

Please use it as a place for creators to make presentations and as a place for challenges.




  • 2nd floor of wooden house

  • There are two doorways, and the space in the corridor can be used during the exhibition.

  • The wall is a plastered white wall with excellent antibacterial properties, humidity control properties, and fire resistance.

  • Openable windows can be ventilated in two places on the left and right
-The work can be partially hung by hanging the wire

  • Brass is used for the door knob and the hanging part of the fluorescent light
・Shabby floor material

  • With a unique retro feeling, it can be used for various exhibitions of art works, workshops, photography, etc.

For further information, please contact us here.


  • 24 Movable spotlight
  • 23 hooks for ceiling
  • 18 wire sets 
  • 7 nylon wires 
  • 18 spare hooks
  • 8 ceiling hooks
  • 4 small tables for exhibition, 1 large table
  • 12 chairs
・2 chests

  • Four shelves for other furniture for display.

  • Pen and name book can be prepared in the gallery.

  • Screws, nails, tools

    *Please prepare your own equipment for items that cannot be prepared at the gallery.

    *If you have any questions or questions, please contact us directly by email or phone.

Download Gallery Floor Plan (PDF)