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In 2018, I devised the original technique "Intaglio resin art'' to paint on resin with the technique of printmaking. Since exhibiting for the first time in the same year, I have exhibited and produced works both in Japan and abroad. Enjoy my new art expressed with silver foil and resin, such as three-dimensional works that make wings with original techniques and stack them, and planar works that look like "Raden" and "Makie".

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"A Bridge to JAPANESE ART " Menier Gallery in London

Tokyu Plaza Ginza Project "KIRIKO the MUSEUM" Selected Artist


"18th ZEN Exhibition Ginza" Award for Excellence

"Exhibition of MINERVA 2020" MALL GALLERIES in London


A beautiful world created by a transcendental artist 46th Ginza Selection Exhibition ZEN Exhibition 29th World Peace Art Exhibition 2021 in Japan Ginza Zoo II 29th World Peace Art Exhibition 2021 in New York