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Chihiro Takahashi

Born in 1954. As a publisher's book design designer, he has over 3,000 book designs. Currently, he is freelance and is active while balancing a book design / book designer and an art sculptor. Inspired by an artist who has been well-known since the 90's, he continues his modeling activities as a pleasure to express his aesthetic sense.

The main focus of the work and the method of expression / I am trying to express the emotions hidden in the "story" such as the Greek god f story that evokes the imagination in the iconography where Eros and Thanatos dwell. Plane painting is called / mixed media technique, and after CG processing of drawing images, etc., it is printed with water resistant dyeing, and then it is repainted with oil painting, rock painting, Akira paint, etc. and fixed. Three-dimensional modeling is made by bronze wax type one-point casting and stone powder clay plastic.