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Masahito Sakamoto

Translator, bookmark enthusiast, member of the Japan Book Association. Born in Osaka in 1973. He has over 50 self-printed items and over 1,000 exchanged items, including more than 30 self-printed items commissioned by overseas artists. The museum has a large collection of copperplate (engravings, etchings) and lithographs, with a focus on works by Central and Eastern European artists such as those from Ukraine, Belarus, and the Czech Republic. Nine of the Ukrainian artists' self-portraits were ordered after the outbreak of all-out war in February 2022, and in August 2023, an exhibition of bookmarks titled "Exlibris Courage of Ukraine" will be held (Ginza, Hana Asagi) donated a portion of the proceeds to evacuees in Ukraine. He has also translated Yukiko Hayashi's works collection ``Persephone: The Return of Plant Time'' and Alphonse Inouye's ``Collection of Esquis'' (both published by Leimia Press).