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Mikuo Konoki

In addition to painting, he also works on iron ganda sculptures, stone carvings and landscaping. Attached to construction in public facilities
Many works have been produced and installed. Currently, he is the representative advisor of the Seikyokai and the chairman of the Japan Glass Painters Association.

Kunogi Mikuo's painting history

Born in Tokyo in 1937. Started oil painting in the first year of junior high school.
1957 2nd New Century Art Exhibition New Face Award.
Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Western Painting in 1963.
1964 Kokugakai New Face Award, studied abroad at the University of Fine Arts in Rome and Academia.
1967 Kokugakai friend. Shell Award Honorable Mention.
1976 Established the art group "Seikikai". Nominated for the Newcomer Award for Art Award.
In 1978, he was nominated for the Minister of Education Award for the "Blue Flower Blue Sky" Art Award.
Founding representative of Japan Fan Art Association in 1980.
1985 Published the poetry collection "Atelier's Charo".
1995 "Nasu Kogen My Museum" opens and is permanently installed.
1998 Established "Matsuyama Garden Museum" in Sosa City, Chiba Prefecture. Established Japan Glass Painters Association.
2003 30th Memorial Blue Center Exhibition Blue Center Award, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award.
2005 Published the art book "Ganda no Uta".
2006 2011 Ganda sculpture exhibition at Ginza Miyuki Gallery.
2007 Shanghai-Shanghai Gallery Solo Exhibition. Invited exhibition at Shanghai Art Fair.
2008 Purchased and stored 4 works at Zhuqizhan Art Museum, Shanghai Lujin Park.
Two paintings from Shenyang National Lu Xun University of Art Museum are purchased and stored.

2009 Opened Hokusai Museum in Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture.

Umeno Memorial Painting Museum "Konoki Mikuo Exhibition" held.

2010 Gallery Miyasaka 25th Anniversary Project "Konoki Mikuo Exhibition"

"Poetry and modeling of Konoki Mikuo" will be serialized 100 times until 2020 in the 2012 monthly gallery magazine.

2013 Published a solo exhibition "Nekoyashiki" at Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome.

2015 Solo exhibition of "Innocent Irons" at Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome.

2017 Ushio Gallery "Konoki Mikuo's Gold Tiger Exhibition" 43rd Blue Center Grand Prize.

"Collection Exhibition Loved by Artist Konoki Mikuo" sponsored by Narita City Cultural Arts Center

2018 Installed an iron sculpture "Fujin Raijin" in the entrance hall of Park Hotel Tokyo.

2020 Matsuyama Garden Museum "Turning the Page of Time-Konoki Mikuo's Art Exhibition"

2021 Matsuyama Garden Museum "Turning the Page of Time-Konoki Mikuo's Art Exhibition II"

Published the poetry collection "Konoki Mikuo's Poetry and Modeling"

2022 Started serializing the essay "Muttering like a true lie of Konoki Mikuo" in the monthly gallery magazine.

Atelier: 630 Matsuyama, Sosa City, Chiba Prefecture