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Profile Bibliophile, member of the Japan Calligraphy Association Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1944. Bibliophile, book lover. Member of the Japan Book Association and Tokyo Bookbinding Club. As his love of books grew, he began to focus on ``books that can be read with all five senses'' instead of just reading them, and began to request a bookbinder to make a custom book for him. I had my favorite printmaker create the cover art and book tag, and now I am swimming in the universe of le rieure books, which are the only one in the world. In February 2007, he established the one-man publisher ``Leimia Press'' and published ``Library Sheets'' by copperplate print artists Isoichi Bando, Alphonse Inouye, and Yukiko Hayashi, and is actively planning further collections. During. He also presides over the ``Book and Library Tag Gathering,'' a gathering of fellow enthusiasts, and continues to provide an opportunity for book and print lovers to learn about the world of library tags.