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Siori tanaka

Shiori Tanaka (Born in Yokohama in 1959) Bibliophile, member of the Japan Book Association, president of the Japan Bean Book Association. Bibliophile. Chairman of the Japan Bean Book Association, member of the Japan Book Association, and member of the Tokyo Bookbinding Club. Utilizing his experience working at a publishing company, he handles the entire process of book production, from planning and editing to binding. Plans and holds many small book events, small book and bookbinding courses, and printmaking courses including bookplate production (Vogue Gakuen, Asahi Culture Center, Yomiuri Culture, etc.). He collects beautiful old books such as Eureka Shoshi's publications, books published by Takeo Takei, Art Deco illustrated books, miniature illustrated books, etc. He loves book tags as an art field of book culture, and wants as many people as possible to know the joy of them. , and continues to conduct activities such as holding lectures on book catalogs while showing actual items.