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Yukio Suzuki

I believe in "delivering happiness" through painting. In a life of joy and sorrow, full of light and shadow, for example, on a day of despair, seeing a single flower unexpectedly will create a picture that will enable us to take a step towards tomorrow. I'm making it with hope.


Born in Tokyo in 1946

1965-67 Studied at Taiheiyo Art School

1981-95 Exhibited at the Aoki Exhibition

1989 Won a gold medal at the Aoki Exhibition. Received the Ikko Exhibition Award. 

1991 Members' Effort Award

1995 Asian New Leap Exhibition (Seoul)

 Received the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education Award at the Aoki Exhibition

1993, 1997 Japan Gallery Association Exhibition (Central Art Museum)

2000, 2002 Solo exhibition at the Iwasaki Museum

Since 2002 Matsuzakaya Ueno store, Kintetsu Wakayama, Okinawa Mitsukoshi, Keihan Moriguchi,

Many other solo exhibitions at department stores

(Corporation) Member of the Japan Artists Federation