Yasuhiro Sayama 2022 Calendar Exhibition "At the beginning [ne]

12:00 - 17:00 *The time may change depending on the situation. We will also exhibit on the web. @ Yasuhiro Sayama Website
*Writer all day corridor

2022 Glittering calendar "Happiness that cats are there" and the second Shiritori cat calendar "Hajime" ne "". We will exhibit and sell mainly the original works that became calendars.

Yasuhiro Sayama Born in 1964. Lives in Saitama prefecture. Since around 1994, he has been producing three-dimensional and two-dimensional works of cats, using his beloved cat Mie as a model, and has been presenting his works at solo exhibitions and cat art events. ... I hope I can somehow shape the existence of cats that make the world soft and warm just by being there.