Aiko KENMOTSU (Somemoyo)profile image

Aiko KENMOTSU (Somemoyo)

Yuzen dyeing by hand

The motifs include cats, raccoon dogs, birds, and other animals, as well as oriental patterns and lace patterns with fine lines. Sometimes dark, sometimes gorgeous, sometimes loose and laid back. If you can see the story there.

Japanese tradition, hand-painted Yuzen dyeing. A contour line is drawn on silk fabric, and it is colored with a brush or brush to dye the background color.

Born in Saitama

Studied under Yuzen artist Yuki Yamamoto

Worked at Mr. Yamamoto's company (Tokyo) for 11 years


Become independent

Active in events, solo exhibitions, two-person exhibitions, etc. mainly in Tokyo, Saitama, and Kanagawa


What is "Somemoyo"?

 A group of young artists who have inherited traditional crafts centered on hand-painted Yuzen.
The style varies depending on the artist. We propose "Somemoyo" that will color your life for kimonos of the future, obi, playful accessories, and total coordination.