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dandan–club Kayo Murao

Step by step club Natsuyo Murao dandan–club・Kayo Murao   The Dandan Club actually started as an after-school activity at an architectural design office. I make paper crafts out of cardboard. When you think of cardboard, the first thing that comes to mind is a box. Once the main character is wrapped and delivered, it is ready for use. The "steps" of such a supporting role are actually beautiful! ! I want to tell you the impact, and I'm going to put it on and on.   It's just cardboard, but it's cardboard   Even though it's cardboard! And, Is this cardboard? If you have any doubts, Great success.

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After working at an architectural design office, in 1999, he and his wife established an independent architectural design office.
When my child was born and I used to make toys out of cardboard,
Why don't you go to the group exhibition "ARTOY" that proposes "artistic toys"?
An unexpected invitation.
Start making cardboard crafts.
Produce an original precision work kit that allows you to enjoy "making".
Since 2015, the activity has been in full swing as "Dan Dan Club".
Many group exhibitions and event exhibitions. Holding workshops, etc.