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I am an illustrator who has drawn illustrations for picture books, textbooks, magazines, etc. for over 35 years. I live and produce near the Todoroki Gorge, the only gorge in Tokyo. It has been 20 years since I started living in kimono almost every day. Starting as a hobby, I established Fuji Shokai, a company that manufactures and sells kimono collars (han-eri) for sewing embroidery.

I find the beauty from the seasons of Japan, classic literature, lovely plants and animals, interesting things and everyday things, and make use of them in the kimono collar. I think the beauty and functional beauty of kimono is still great.
First of all, I want people to wear kimono. I would be happy if I could help young people and those who have never been interested in kimono to think that "kimono is wonderful".

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Born in Yokohama in 1958.

After working as a childcare magazine designer Illustrator since 1990.

Participated in many solo and special exhibitions.

I have been living in kimono since 2004.

Writing illustrations and essays in magazines and advertisements.

I draw the cover and illustrations for elementary school language, morals, and home economics textbooks.