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Hagiwara Masae

I am making a doll with the theme of a girl I met somewhere.

Currently, I mainly carve "wooden" dolls one by one.

In addition, he also produces works of resin and soft vinyl.

To the outline of the memory that gradually becomes blurred

I had a gentle fever

Something like a drop

One by one.

From my fingertips

To a fragment of this world.

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Born in Tokyo.

After graduating from art school, he worked for a doll and stuffed animal maker for 12 years.

After his retirement, he has continued his production activities centered on dolls.

Since 2005, she has been selling at doll specialty stores and participated in exhibitions and special exhibitions several times a year.

2005-2018 Miniature Doll Exhibition, Special Exhibition (Ginza AngelDolls)

2006-2008“ People・Shape” Exhibition (Maruzen Main Store Gallery)

2012-Kagurazaka Temame Exhibition

2013, 2014, 2021 Creative Doll Exhibition "Spring" Exhibition (Maruzen Main Store Gallery)

There are others