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Kana Ohno

Born in Niigata City. At the age of eight, he learned woodblock prints from Professor Shinichi Takahashi, who lives in Sado, and was selected for the Japan Print Association in the fifth grade of elementary school.

Selected for 4 consecutive years. Learned oil painting at Ekakiya, Sendai when he was a student. Selected twice in the Western Painting Division of the Sendai Hebei Art Exhibition, and graduated from Tohoku Pharmaceutical University. In 1982, started copperplate engraving at the Miyagi Museum of Art Creation Room. After that, he taught himself. Currently living in Urawa Ward, Saitama City.

87 Solo exhibition of copperplate prints at Gallery Okinawa, two consecutive solo exhibitions

'90 Okinawa Times serial novel illustration charge

'96 Sendai, exhibited at the print Miyagi exhibition, exhibited every year thereafter

'99 Participated in the Ex Libris Festein Niigata of the Japan Ex Libris Association and produced the first Ex Libris

Received the Humor Award at the '00 Japan Ex Libris Association's New Ex Libris Competition Exhibition

Since then, he has participated in many print group exhibitions and ex-libris exhibitions.

Participated in "Ex Libris Space Exhibition" twice at Maison de Neko

'21 gallery USHIN (Kawagoe) BOOK exhibition, Kagurazaka

Bastille Day Exhibition, Noel Exhibition at Session House