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Bookplate Universe 2022

12:00 - 17:00 * Ex Libris Works Workshop Lecturer Shiori Tanaka April 29 (Fri) -May 1 (Sun)
* The schedule is subject to change depending on the situation.

work shop

work shop

Ex Libris Works Workshop Lecturer, Shiori Tanaka

You can do it anytime from April 29th (Friday) to May 1st (Sunday) (reservation possible, reservation priority)

● "Etsuko Kano Collection of Ex Libris Works" A6 size 52 pages, all colors

This is a beautiful collection of Libris with 68 points including works and their sketches by Etsuko Kano, their sketches, and unfinished works. Many adorable cat motif works such as "Cat Trump", original edited by Shiori Tanaka, the latest issue published on Cat Day!

<1> Long stitch binding / Time required 3 hours 3500 yen

<2> Easy book binding / Time required 1.5 hours 2500 yen

* You can choose your favorite materials such as tool rental, cover paper and binding thread. ……………………………………………………

● "Kana Ohno Ex Libris Works" A6 size 60 pages, all colors

Approximately 100 copperplate prints and hand-colored ex-libris works by Kana Ohno are posted, and all of them are fun and cute works such as animals, children, and space characters. You will be healed by the gorgeous colors. This is an original edit by Shiori Tanaka.

<1> Cross-type Ruriyuru / Time required 3 hours 3500 yen