Ryonosuke Nagano Solo Exhibition

12:30 - 19:00 (Sun. and last day will close at 17:00)

* All-day gallery of the artist

Cats sometimes stare into empty air. I'm trying to see something I can't see. Even when hunting till the end of the night, I took a breath and read the signs of invisible things. Add sound, smell, and the light of the moon to your allies. With the theme of the fairy tale "Otsukisan and Neko (made by Kyoko Taira)", which is a dialogue between the cat abandoned in the forest and the moon, he is drawing the appearance of a cat living in the forest.

Ryonosuke Nagano
Born in Tokyo in 1958. Since 1981, he has been a member of the "Horizon Conference", an information exchange group for exploring adventurers. Freelance illustrator since 1985. Participated in the field survey of the Kaono Acchu Lowland Tropical Forest in 1996, "Earth Club". Participated in the establishment of the forest volunteer group "Gotansha" in 1999.
He regularly holds solo exhibitions from "Phantom Bird Gurney's Pitta" and continues to present works from a unique perspective.