Life on this planet

12:00 - 17:00 * Art antiques will be held on 28th (Thursday), 29th (Friday), and 30th (Saturday).
* Some of the exhibited works will be tendered at the venue and on the web.
*changes may be made depending on situation

"Life on this planet" is a joint exhibition by two different type of galleries, the antique Oriental art "MOKKEI" and the gallery "Maison de neko", with the themes of living things on the planet. Changes in the global environment that humankind exerts have had a great influence on biological systems therefore we would like to express gratitude and respect for all living things which have always lived together with us on earth. Carefully selected antique Asian and Dutch ceramics, Asian paintings and contemporary metal carvings, wood carvings, Ceramics and frames will be shown in harmony.

Admission Free

* About bidding

Some works can be bid at the venue and also from the web.

・ Bid period: April 27 (Wednesday) -May 1 (Sunday) 12: 00-17: 00

The method of bidding from the web is as follows.

Maison de cat homepage "Exhibition shop held" on Life on this planet

→ Select the inquiry on the desired work screen

→ Show your desired price by email

The result will be notified only to the successful bidder.